With many people losing their jobs or being paid less, the amount of people needing to use food banks has increased dramatically. The Trussell Trust recently reported that the number of families with children receiving parcels has almost doubled compared to the same period last year.

The Vegetarian Society is helping to tackle this problem by sending out food boxes. Each box contains the ingredients and recipes for two nutritious, filling, vegan meals, which provide people with eight servings of food.

The boxes contain all the things you need for two different veggie meals, 8 servings of food that can be eaten fresh, chilled or frozen. The boxes include the ingredients and the recipe and instructions on how to make the meals. The food is nutritious, healthy and hearty and will fill people’s bellies.

Our donations have now run out. We need to raise more money so we can send out more boxes, as demand for food banks is ever increasing.

One person said: “We were really excited to receive the box. It felt like a gift as everything had been thought of, down to little packets of salt and pepper, to cook two delicious meals.”

Help support local communities and be part of a movement of people who are looking after each other in these difficult times. Please give today.

You can find out more about our project here www.vegsoc.org/foodbank and here’s a little video about the boxes