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About Active Communities

The Active Communities programme is one of 12 local delivery pilots funded by Sport England. Since 2018, it has been delivered by multiple partners (including The Active Wellbeing Society) in 6 key areas across Birmingham and Solihull. The programme is looking to demonstrate a significant shift in physical activity and community activism, using a whole systems approach which is flexible and targeted at multiple levels, that ultimately shifts power to communities, making them more resilient & better connected. The programme is constantly learning and evolving. We need to adapt and innovate quickly, and balance what we do with how we do it.

Rapid Innovation Pot

The Rapid Innovation Pot is a new fund available within Active Communities (funded by Sport England) to enable you to test and trial new projects and ideas, learn what works (or doesn’t), and expand/upscale those things that work well.

We are looking for local groups of people to come together and help us reach into their communities and support people to become more active. It is open to all current partners, as well as groups in our target communities.

What activities will be funded?

We are leaving this very broad, as long as you can demonstrate your project is delivered to benefit those within your community, helping them to become more active (physically, socially, and civically), and resulting in improved health and quality of life.

Key features of successful projects will include:
• Test new ideas and approaches – You don’t need to have all the answers
• Created and delivered WITH local people to give them a sense of place and belonging
• Engage a wide range of people, especially ‘unusual suspects’ who often don’t participate
• Enable and support people to take part in physical activity in the broadest sense
• Tangibly shift or disrupt the system – This might include changing policy or process or encouraging parts of the system to work together better
• Delivered in our target delivery wards where levels of deprivation are higher

What can’t we fund?

• Existing programmes and associated costs
• Retrospective costs or loan repayments
• Items that can only benefit an individual

How we can support you

• Help you to develop your idea and discuss whether this fits the Rapid Innovation Pot
• Support you throughout the application process
• Help you to launch and promote your project
• Support you to capture data and learning from the project
• Encourage you think about what’s next and explore further funding options or training

What areas are covered?

The local delivery pilot covers the following wards:

Find out more and apply

Whether you already have an idea or just want to find out more, contact the Programme Team and let’s start a conversation! We would love to discuss your ideas with you and if it’s suitable for the Rapid Innovation Pot, we will support you to apply if you choose. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling monthly basis for the duration of the programme. Find out more by emailing [email protected] or visit 

Or attend our virtual information sessions on one of the following dates:

• Wednesday 18th May - 2pm
• Tuesday 14th June - 3pm
• Thursday 21st July - 2pm
• Thursday 25th August - 10am

Zoom link: