Communities Prepared has two free upcoming online sessions for people living in the West Midlands who are concerned about flooding and what they can do as a community in response to it. Information and online registration: 

These sessions, along with an offer of additional local support, have been made possible due to funding from the William A Cadbury Charitable Trust.

After these sessions you will also be able to join up to the hugely updated Communities Prepared hub where you can follow further courses which cover a range of emergencies and the steps a community can take to be more resilient to them. There is no cost to individuals or communities.

Our offer includes:
- Specific training about a range of emergencies including floods, utilities failure, snow, health, storms, heatwaves, and droughts.
- Training for coordinators to help you build, sustain, and lead a group of volunteers.
- Workshops and resources to help you create community emergency plans, increase community engagement, understand local risks, and much more.
- Resources and sessions on specifics such as insurance, GDPR, and fundraising.
- Discussion spaces to meet other communities and share your learning.
- Bespoke support from our team to help you with specific issues you are facing.
- Help in building relationships with relevant authorities and agencies.

Communities Prepared is a national community resilience programme, equipping community volunteer groups with the knowledge, skills and confidence to prepare for, respond to, and recover from flooding and other emergencies.