The Forget Me Not Appeal is our new, annual, flagship appeal. Its purpose is to create a special moment each year, when everyone comes together to honour and remember people affected by dementia.

This moment is recognised through our Forget Me Not badge, the emotional centrepiece of the campaign. Those caring for a loved one can wear their badge in someone’s honour.

Those who have lost someone to dementia can wear their badge in someone’s memory. The Forget Me Not badge can be a visual symbol that someone is aware of, and cares about, dementia, as well as spreading awareness so that more people know about us and can in turn rely on us when they need support.

Are you able to support with one of our collections in Birmingham? We have a variety of locations available including supermarkets and city centres. They will take place during Dementia Action Week (WB 15th May), signing up to volunteer can be done here: 

Apply by 1st May.