With the cost of food rising by 14.1%, we at First Class Foundation are compelled to help support families who are in need within our community. We believe that it is unfair that valued members of our community may miss out on the opportunity of enjoying a Christmas Meal this year and therefore want to help ensure this does not happen.

First Class Foundation is a multi award winning charity that works to reduce youth violence, improve mental health resilience and connect young people and their families to positive opportunities. However, it is widely understood that poverty is a major driving force behind violence, low mental health and lack of access to positive activities, jobs and training.

We have known this for years, it is well documented. The evidence shows that school and community breakfast and after school clubs which support reducing child hunger, contribute to positive outcomes amongst our children. With a proper meal, children are able to better socialise, have greater access to a variety of healthy foods and are more focused and diligent with the completion of their school work. This is why we are committed to ensuring every child that attends our youth events or youth clubs, is provided with a hot and healthy meal.

However, during the Christmas period, provisions such as breakfast clubs, after school provisions and youth clubs will be closed. For many children within our community, those may be the only places that they and their families have access to a healthy meal. Without them, many will go hungry, including on Christmas Day. Can you imagine waking up on Christmas Day, without enough food to feed your family?

This is a crisis and we must respond! We hope that you will support us in addressing this issue.

On Monday 19th of December 2022, at the Legacy Centre of Excellence in Aston, we will be providing 300 hot meals to those in need, in addition to a few extra things to help make Christmas special for them. We will create a mini market, where families can come along and take food items completely free of charge to boost their own Christmas food shop.

Items will include:

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Vegetables








Selection boxes

Chocolate coins

Sweet tubes


Shower gel

There are three ways you can get involved:

1)    Purchase any of the goods above and deliver them to our Christmas Pantry

  • Non perishable goods from Monday 5th December
  • Perishable goods from Wednesday 14th December
  • Deliver to The Transformation Centre 6 Rocky Lane Aston, Birmingham, B6 5RQ


2)    Donate funds directly to our charity with the REF: FEED300

  • First Class Foundation
  • Lloyds Bank, Account Number: 56512260, Sort Code: 30 65 49


3)    Share this with your friends and family to encourage more people to get involved.

We thank you in advance for your kind support as we work together to support our community this Christmas.

This what we did recently for our Feed 100 in Summer we are back for Christmas with Feed 300, BIG Thank you to Colmore Bid who supported us in Summer. 

Watch the footage via LinkedIn: https://t.co/3hWHSOtgqy

Or watch via Instagram here: https://t.co/3hWHSOtgqy

Look forward to hearing from you


Nathan Dennis

Training & Engagement Consultant   

At Legacy Consultants