Volunteers: Managing, Motivating and the Law

Volunteers contribute a lot to our organisations, but are you getting the best from your volunteers and do you comply with your legal responsibilities towards them? This session will cover how to manage your volunteers effectively, how to motivate and keep your volunteers, best practice regarding documentation and training, organisations’ legal duties towards volunteers and volunteers’ legal rights.

The session will include practical case studies, a useful and hand out of detailed information to take home and an opportunity to ask the trainer about any current volunteering challenges in your organisation.

Learning outcomes:

  • What documentation, policies and training should be provided
  • The legal status of your volunteer workers, and their legal rights
  • Your legal duties towards your volunteers
  • The importance of distinguishing and treating differently volunteers and employees
  • Best practice in recruiting and managing volunteers
  • How to motivate your volunteers
  • How to deal with disputes
  • How to end a volunteering relationship with an organisation

Who should attend?
Volunteer coordinators, senior managers and all staff responsible for managing volunteers