Unconscious Bias and Equality and Diversity Training

New research shows that unconscious bias influences our decisions in all our actions, including in the workplace. This affects outcomes in recruitment and promotion which limit diversity and mean that the best equality and diversity programmes are not sufficiently effective without first overcoming unconscious bias. This course will explore how to challenge and overcome our unconscious biases in order to improve diversity, innovation and performance at work.

Overcoming unconscious bias goes hand in hand with eliminating conscious and unlawful bias and promoting equality and diversity, and the course will also review and update you on employers’ duties and best practice under the Equality Act 2010 and managing employee claims of discrimination.

The session will include practical case studies and include an opportunity to ask the trainer about any current discrimination or other HR issues in your organisation.

You will learn about:

  • identifying your unconscious biases and how these influence your decisions at work
  • challenging unconscious biases in yourself and your team and promoting more effective working practices
  • Reducing unconscious bias in recruitment, promotion, line management and workplace behaviour and communication
  • Achieving a more diverse and successful organisation
  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Duties towards your employees regarding equality and diversity
  • All the legal grounds for discrimination claims
  • How to manage your staff to avoid potential discrimination claims and how to manage employee claims of discrimination if they arise.

To learn more about this topic read Elizabeth Scholes' recent Update article. 'Could unconscious bias be hindering diversity in your workplace?'

Who is this training suitable for?

Managers and employees who are interested in learning more about unconscious bias and wanting an update on equality and diversity.