Time to Think - Reflections on Covid19

Covid19 has caused exceptional upheaval, bringing unprecedented changes to how we live, work and think. The implications for the voluntary sector as a whole and for individual voluntary and community organisations are considerable. Many have seen the need for their services rise massively, while some income sources have dried up overnight, and established ways of working have no longer been possible. In rising to the challenge, organisations have been working together – across sectoral boundaries – in ways that previously did not seem possible. In amongst all this, voluntary sector leaders are having to make sense of the rapidly changing context and adapt their practices and behaviours accordingly. It feels more difficult, but perhaps also more important than ever to take the time to think, to reflect on the changes that are taking place now, how they differ from those in the past, and what they might mean for the future.

BVSC have been working in partnership with the Third Sector Research Centre at the University of Birmingham to use findings from TSRC’s Change in the Making research to stimulate discussion, reflection, sharing of experience and learning amongst voluntary sector leaders in Birmingham. When the group first met in January we could never have imagined the scale of change on the horizon.

We hope that the study can offer useful insights for voluntary organisations during the current crisis, while also providing a space for mutual reflection and learning from each other’s experience of leading voluntary organisations in their response to and recovery from the pandemic.

The group will meet again in an online forum, on the 16th June from 2 pm til 3.30 pm. We hope you can join us.