Suicide Interventions

Working or spending time with people who experience suicidal thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be difficult and confusing. What is causing these feelings? Does talking about it with them make things worse?  How do you assess the risk level? How can you best give, and get, support?

The course will cover:

  • Defining suicide, and putting it into context with self-injury, self-harm and para-suicide
  • Why some people become suicidal, who is at high risk,  and what are some of the signs
  • Communicating sensitively with someone who’s suicidal
  • Which interventions help and which ones make things worse
  • Prevention, Intervention and Postvention 
  • Protective factors vs risk factors and making safety plans
  • Available resources and specialist help, for the suicidal and those working with them

The course will explore the relevant issues through role-play, case studies and group discussion, as well as trainer input.