RSE-Consent, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

Sexual harassment and assault between young people is a global issue and incidents of school-related gender-based violence is increasingly rising. 

Incidents of unwanted sexual touching, sexual name-calling, sharing of sexual images, sexual assault and even rape have happened within schools and colleges, however many of these incidents are seen as normal or acceptable behaviour, especially between young people and their peers. This isn't surprising considering the different outside influences that shape young persons views and attitudes towards sexual violence. 

This training day will look at the extent of sexual violence within schools, the importance of taking a whole school approach towards educating around consent and tackling sexual misconduct, as well as looking at what influences a young person's view and addressing gender difference and stereotypes. 

Aims and Objectives;

  • To gain more in-depth knowledge of sexual harassment and gender-based violence and what this looks like within an educational environment.
  • To understand gender-based violence as a wider issue within society.
  • To explore the importance of taking a whole-school approach to teaching consent. 
  • To explore the different influences that shape a young person's views around sexual violence. 
  • To explore what changes have been made in policy and practice to improve sexual violence within schools. 
  • To discover practical ways to challenge stereotypes, promote gender equality and respectful communication. 

No lunch is provided but there are plenty of food outlets close by, there will be teas and coffees provided throughout the day.

BVSV Conference Rooms are within walking distance of both Birmingham Moor Street Station and Birmingham New Street Station. There is no parking on-site however there are large carparks nearby and it is easily accessible by public transport.