The Real Trade War

With speakers including:

Gyekye Tanoh, Third World Network Africa

Pia Eberhardt, Corporate Europe Observatory

Nick Dearden, Global Justice Now

From chlorinated chicken to Trump’s trade wars, trade has been all over the news in the last year. Yet this is hardly the first time trade has been controversial. Trade and investment deals have always been a way for the powerful to accumulate their wealth and power. And for decades global social movements have been fighting them – with some major wins along the way.

Far from being about a mutually beneficial exchange between people, modern trade deals threaten our public services with privatisation, facilitate environmental destruction and undermine democratic decision making. On 8 June, join international campaigners to discuss the fight against corporate power in the context of climate change, Brexit and growing global inequality.

Sessions will include:
Trade, corporate power and global inequality • Corporate courts: Understanding and beating ISDS • How the West steals Africa’s wealth • Climate justice and the global economy • How UK aid funds education privatisation • Trading with Trump: A Brexit nightmare