Pursuit of Happiness Workshop

  • Discuss why we are unhappy?
  • If it is as easy to choose being happy, why do we choose to be unhappy?
  • Discuss the script in more detail
  • Group Exercise: A list of things that we need to do in order to be happy?
  • Self discovery, what is our happiness DNA?
  • Reframing situations
  • Group Exercise: Scenarios of unhappiness and how could we deal with it. Take scenarios from the group
  • Look at setting happiness goals and how we can make it water tight in order to make sure we achieve it.
  • 5 key strategies to create more love, laughter and happiness in our lives


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Venue: Women’s Consortium, Assay Studios, 141 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1BF
RSVP: 0843 88 66 771 or 07477 859 626

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