'Play Works' Training

Play is an essential part of every child's life and vital to the processes of human development. It provides the mechanism for children to explore the world around them and the medium through which skills are developed and practised. It is essential for physical, emotional and spiritual growth, intellectual and educational development, and acquiring social and behavioural skills.

This 'Play Works' Training  Course is a newly accredited CPD course: The aims are 

  • To identify what play is
  • To explore the benefits of play
  • To be able to create effective –play spaces
  • To learn group and one to one games
  • To identify the role of the adult

The training takes place over four weeks, the dates are 19th, 26th Feb and 4th,11th March 2020

Delivery times 9.30 -4.30

  • Learning Outcomes:
  • Understands what play means
  • Understands why play is important
  • Increased knowledge, skills and confidence to provide free play opportunities for children to flourish
  • Able to enhance the quality of play children engage in
  • Able to use an increased number of games to play with children
  • Able to demonstrate an awareness of cultural diversity and equality.