Open Mic Competition - Dudley Community Cohesion Project

On 1st April 2019, the Dudley Community Cohesion Project was officially launched. Black Country Housing Group and Victim Support are working in partnership to develop a holistic approach to reducing anti-social behaviour within the Dudley borough. This includes supporting victims of persistent and ongoing anti-social behaviour to work towards a resolution of their issues.

Our own research and experience show that the devastating and overpowering impact of ASB on communities should not be underestimated. ASB influences all aspects of people’s lives, on their emotional and physical health, and on their relationships with others. In addition, the vast majority of victims are too scared to ever speak to or communicate with the perpetrators of ASB, who may be unaware of the effect of their actions on the victim.

We are promoting a community-based approach to encourage communication and understanding within communities, whereby victims and perpetrators of ASB are supported to develop common understanding and activities. This approach is more likely to yield positive results and reduce ASB, which although not necessarily a criminal offence if not dealt with could escalate into something far more serious. Our aim is to create unity in the community.

As part of the project, we are launching `through my eyes` which is a victim awareness programme aimed at allowing perpetrators to become aware of the impact of their actions. We will be hosting an open mic community event on Saturday 31st August. This event is hoping to bring the community of Upper Gornal together and highlight their strengths and talents, bringing together all generations in an affirmative way.