OPCC Hate Crime Symposium

Please click here for the invite to the OPCC Hate Crime Symposium taking place on the 10th of June 2020 (on Zoom, a link and calendar invite will be shared with those who are able to attend).  Our aim is to have as many third sector providers as possible on the day supporting victims of hate crime in the region. 

We have limited numbers for non-third sector representatives including WMP, Local Authority representatives, CPS and Faith Leads joining on the day. We have been in touch with Hate Crime Coordinators from all 7 LAs through Heads of Community Safety to seek feedback on a number of questions to be discussed on the day (these are included in the invite and highlighted below). 

This symposium invites voluntary and community sector providers in the West Midlands working directly with victims of hate crime. The aim of this symposium is to coordinate a community response to supporting victims of this crime allowing providers to share their expertise on models that could work to support various groups affected by hate crime. Through this, we can shape a model for the region that accurately responds to the needs for victims of hate crime.
Prior to the event attendees will be asked to provide information to a series of questions aimed at understanding regional hate crime issues. They will include:

  • Assessment of hate crime incidents reported and unreported to the police
  • Description of reporting mechanisms
  • Current service provision across the region
  • Funding arrangements
  • Gaps in service
  • Emerging trends
  • Models for support services for victims 

For those that would like to take part, could you please submit feedback to the questions above by the 1st of June 2020 as this will help shape the discussion for the symposium. If you would also like to attend, please do get in touch via the email below and I will forward on a calendar invite. 

Tara Muchemenyi - t.muchemenyi[at]west-midlands.pnn.police[dot]uk