NCVO/Zurich Risk seminar

The seminar will run from 09.00 until 12.30 and will cover the following topics:

Risk Assessment Overview
Join Sharon Kearns, Casualty Risk Consultant at Zurich as she discusses the importance of risk assessments and the vital role they play for key stakeholders and the facilities you own and manage. In addition, Sharon will discuss how effective risk assessments can enable organisations to put resources in the right place to manage risk.  

Key learnings:

  • Benefits of a risk assessment approach
  • Definitions and methodology
  • Risk control hierarchy and selection
  • Risk assessment and liability defence

 Data & Security
Information risk is often managed in a piecemeal way without an overall view of how the risk should be managed. Matthew Hardwick, Strategic Risk Consultant at Zurich, will explain ‘what data is’ whilst considering tools and best practices to ensure the safe management of your data.

Key learnings:

  • Review good practice of Cyber and Data management
  • GDPR – One Year on, what do we know
  • Business Continuity – how can we prepare for data loss incidents


The final part of the seminar will look at safeguarding.  Now, more than ever, the topic of safeguarding is high profile and any organisation that has contact with vulnerable people must have appropriate safeguarding arrangements in place.   In this session, we will explore the basic principles of safeguarding and how safeguarding impacts insurance and what you as risk managers can do to play your part.

 The session will cover:

  • What is Safeguarding? 
  • Legislative changes that may affect you
  • Key areas of risk that impact safeguarding  


 This seminar is open to everyone who is responsible for the risk management in their organisation.