Moving Into Management (2 day course)

Your first job with management responsibilities can be daunting - you get promoted on the basis of being good at your existing job, and it is assumed that you will be good at the new one, without much preparation!

Our course is aimed both at those who have recently become managers/team leaders and those who expect to do so in the near future.

While theories of management will be touched on, the course has a pronounced practical bias.

The course will cover:

  • Exploring the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for new management roles
  • Assessing different models of / approaches to management for relevance and usefulness
  • Techniques for planning, organising and monitoring work, and the use of supervision as a key management tool
  • Assessing methods of appraising and giving feedback to staff, and managing challenging staff
  • Identifying necessary support from your own manager and organisation in fulfilling your new management role