Mental Health for the Real World

Provided by Headspace Projects & Training, this course is aimed at professionals, community organisations and service users who are looking for a welcome break from jargon and the opportunity to learn in a supportive and safe environment.

This two-hour introductory course combines personal stories with psychological and social narratives around mental health and aims to leave you feeling empowered about your learning. 

Aims of this course:

  • To understand the myths and stigma associated with mental health problems
  • To understand the range of diagnosis and the effect on an individual of a mental health diagnosis
  • Understand the roles of various professionals involved in mental health
  • Understand how psychiatric medication works
  • Develop your own toolkit for everyday life and the tough stuff
  • Learn something new!

Friendly and safe environment to explore your mental health, supporting you to gain understanding around mental health in a way that can best equip you for the really tough stuff.