Maximising Your School's Income Generation Potential

With unprecedented levels of pressure being placed on budgets, the education sector is continually being challenged to deliver more for less. The need to generate additional income is critical. Join us and explore new, innovative opportunities for your establishment and how they can help you to develop long-term income streams.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to access trust and foundation grants
  • Develop an understanding of what funders are looking for
  • How to maximise your school fundraising efforts
  • How your school’s assets can generate income

Who is it for?

  • School Business Managers
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • PTA
  • Teaching staff with responsibility for fundraising

Who are we?

Schools and academies all over the nation are increasingly being forced to think more innovatively and creatively about how to generate income to ensure their pupils receive the best possible educational experiences.

We are all too aware of this challenge at Oaks: in the last twelve months, we have worked with 150+ schools, academies and academy trusts, giving us a really strong understanding of their income challenges at both a granular and top-level perspective.

In response, we provide business planning and income generation support in education that helps schools and academies to explore their fundraising potential and ultimately secure funding from diverse sources.