Managing Project Risks and Issues

Managing project risks and issues is one of the key functions of an effective Project Manager. It’s one of the most fundamental purposes of the role. However, most risk management training in the sector focuses on managing risks related to project beneficiaries – client risks. We are delivering a one-day training session for people managing projects, which focuses uniquely on managing ‘project’ risks and issues. By the end of the day, you’ll be able to create and follow a professional risk management strategy for your project and be able to create and use risk management tools to reduce or mitigate project risks and their impact.

The workshop will increase your knowledge and understanding of:

  • Risk management strategies - The 'CARE' model for managing risks and issues;
  • Identifying risks;
  • Risk registers and RAID logs;
  • Risk ratings;
  • Mitigation Action Plans (MAPs);
  • Managing change;
  • Contingency planning;
  • Key Reviews and delivery confidence assessments;
  • Lessons learned.

Who runs this training?

The trainer for this session is Nikki-Dee Haddleton. Nikki-Dee is a professional Project Manager specialising in Third Sector Projects and qualified trainer. She has managed multiple projects and programmes for local and national charities and also works as a freelance consultant. She is the creator of the PM3 – Project Management for the Third Sector Project Management methodology and training programme.

What have delegates said about Nikki-Dee’s coaching/training?

"I don’t think we’d be overstating it if we said that all of it was new to us. Whilst we may have been doing it in practice is was the awareness of the methodologies and how they feed into to the success of a project that was useful as well as ensuring we all formalised why and what we were doing"

"I enjoyed learning about PM processes and breaking these down into aspects which were both relatable and easy to understand"

"I'll now dedicate more time to planning and dedicated PM, not just 'doing'"

​"It was a great team-building exercise and the delivery was excellent. We would not hesitate in asking PM3 - Project Management for the Third Sector to work with us again, source events that you are facilitating or highly recommend them." 

"It was a very helpful course, well delivered, with lots of experience evident.  The trainer set things out clearly so I can go away and make a good attempt at a plan that is workable."

Statistical Feedback from our previous session:

  • 100% said they had learnt something new and that they would do something differently as a result of the training.
  • 100% agreed or strongly agreed the training met with its aims and that they enjoyed the training.
  • 100% agreed or strongly agreed the training was informative and that they would recommend it to others.
  • Overall, when asked how they would rate the training everyone rated it as either good or excellent.