Listening to West Midlands Women's Voices Event

Fawcett Society in partnership with BVSC are working on a project to make sure that the voices of women from all walks of life are heard in conversations that shape the public services and decisions that affect their lives. In particular, we want the new Mayor and his team to hear those voices. As part of this project we will be holding two large public workshops in central Birmingham with community-led satellite events in communities across the West Midlands region.

It is 100 years since some women first won the vote. But there are still too few women at the top in politics and other positions of power, and our society is still unfair for women. We love the West Midlands - but we need to see changes to make it work for women.
We are in the process of designing the first event. The second event will be informed by the outputs of the first and developed as the project progresses.
The first event (including satellite events) will focus on Listening to WM Women’s Voices, giving women in the WM the chance to engage with the combined authority. This is a women-led event. We invite men who are interested in attending to take on a listening role.
The first central event is on Friday 6 July from 10.30-2pm including lunch and refreshments.  It will be held at Birmingham Voluntary Service Council, 138 Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 6DR.
We hope you can join us!
Accessibility: The venue is designed to be accessible for disabled people. If you, or people your organisation works with, need anything in order to participate, like a sign language interpreter or a hearing loop, please indicate this in the form.
Costs: The event will be free to all who wish to attend and we have a small budget to cover travel, childcare and other expenses for individuals who would otherwise be excluded. When filling in the form, please let us know if you would require such expenses to be paid in order to attend.
Satellite events: To include as many and as diverse a voice as possible we are keen to support around ten satellite workshops in other parts of the West Midlands e.g, within women’s organisations,  community groups, places of faith, places of work and places of learning.
If you are interested in delivering a satellite event in your borough please get in touch. We will support you with £40 for refreshments, and we will provide a simple tool kit with key questions and resources to facilitate this conversation and we are happy to discuss ways of facilitating the workshop and recording feedback if wanted.
If you are interested in hosting a satellite event please get in contact with cordelia.tuckerosullivan[at][dot]uk. We’d love to have events running across all the West Midlands boroughs.
Workshop content: cordelia.tuckerosullivan[at][dot]uk

  • We will consider research  by The Fawcett Society into West Midlands policy and current data on what it is like as a women living, traveling, studying, working, and caring in the region.
  • We will collaborate to explore what change is needed for women in the WM, focussing on specific themes, such as skills & employment, childcare and social care, and transport.
  • We will explore existing opportunities to inform policy making and implementation in West Midlands policy.

Working Group: We have formed a working group of inspiring and inspired people from across the WM. The working group is collaborating with the Core Group (Fawcett and the Birmingham Voluntary Service Council) to support with the workshop design, to make it as inclusive and accessible as possible.
If you are interested in the workshop design or the broader research project and would like to join the working group please share your email address and we will add you to the email list. We communicate by email, hold regular (online) zoom sessions, and will be running a collaborative workshop design session in Birmingham in June.