An Introduction to Myers Briggs

This one-day development workshop will introduce you to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. The MBTI® is one of the most widely used and empirically researched and validated personality instruments in the world.  Many people find it useful as a way of understanding themselves, as well as how they interact with other members of the team.

By attending the workshop you will complete the questionnaire and:

  • Learn about your MBTI® preference and how your personality preference may lead to a difference in the way you work, your communication and decision-making styles.
  • Learn about the other MBTI® preferences and how to adapt your preference to accommodate the styles of other team members, to get the best from everyone.
  • Learn how to capitalise on your strengths, address weaknesses and enhance individual and team performance.

The course will be supported by an MBTI® assessment, a booklet of handouts and power-point slides.