Half Day ACE Awareness and Trauma Informed Practice Training

This training is aimed at any member of staff or community as it provides a base line understanding of the ACE and Trauma Informed agenda.

This training will cover:

  • What is trauma?  - Definitions and explanation of the differences in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Complex Trauma and Vicarious Trauma.
  • Developmental trauma and its impact on individuals.
  • The ACEs Study - exploration of the Felitti study and the implications for health and social care.  
  • Impact of ACEs on behaviour – how to understand peoples triggers.
  • Resilience  - what this is and the consequences of not having it.
  • Trauma Informed Practice -explanation and opportunity to examine own workplace.
  • Action planning - what next.

This half-day session will provide delegates with an understanding of the impact of ACEs. Participants will be provided with information about the ACE study, toxic stress in relation to brain development, exploring individual’s flight, fight and freeze responses and how this may present in individual’s behaviour and vulnerability.  

The training will also include information on trauma informed practice and its impact on supporting individuals to develop resilience. The protective factors that mitigate high ACEs will also be introduced.

Please note: We will be running a number of sessions so if this date is not convenient, please check BVSC website for alternative dates.