FREE Turn2us Training for frontline staff and volunteers

Turn2us is a national charity providing practical help for people who are struggling financially.

Our free workshops are for staff and volunteers who are working with people who are struggling to get by and will teach attendees:

  • About Turn2us, the history of our charity and how we help people who are struggling financially
  • How to use the Turn2us benefits calculator on use of a case study walk-through to follow so that they can use the calculator themselves
  • How to do a better off calculation for their clients. For example, to see if they would be at a disadvantage in getting a job, or how much they’ll get when Universal Credit rolls into their area)
  • Attendees will learn how to use our grants search database which currently has approximately 1600 grants on it with financial and non-financial support. Attendees will learn how to best refine the database to suit their client's current situation
  • About the Turn2us grants that we have
  • What makes a good grant application and what most funders look for in an application.

By the end of a workshop, we expect all attendees to have a good knowledge of the Turn2us online tools and to have learnt about the support we offer on our website. With a bit of practice, a benefits calculation can be completed in approx. 7 minutes so long as the client’s information is all to hand.