Cross Sector Prevention Conference

Building a city that keeps people well and stops them deteriorating when they experience a challenge to their health is key to all our futures. 

We need to take a whole lifecourse approach, but recognise where resilience needs to be built around communities. This requires system-wide co-operation. The conference aims to bring together the voluntary sector  with the statutory social care and health sectors to ensure a common understanding about the role each plays in Birmingham and how partnership working can be strengthened.  

The key note speaker is Dr Justin Varney, Director of Public Health for Birmingham. The agenda includes  the following areas:

  • Voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector activity to support prevention in the city
  • The Role of Public Health in Prevention
  • Prevention across the NHS and Adult Social Care
  • Prevention activity around older adults

For further information please contact Zainab Akhtar, Administration Officer (Ageing Better) (ZainabA[at]bvsc[dot]org; 0121 678 8876).