Corporate Fundraising Training Course

Successful Corporate Fundraising can help you better reach your organisation’s objectives, increase your sustainability through diversifying your income, and strengthen your organisation through developing relationships.

Led by an experienced corporate fundraiser, this course is designed to give attendees a real-world understanding of how Corporate Fundraising works. The session will introduce a practical approach, making the Corporate Fundraising process easier to navigate, ensuring you make the best use of your time and fundraising efforts. Throughout the day, this course will share friendly expert advice and build your Corporate Fundraising confidence.

This session will cover a range of topics and include individual and group activities designed to embed a well-rounded knowledge of the fundamental principles of Corporate Fundraising.

During the session you will:

  • Learn how to research potential new corporate supporters.
  • Think about presenting your information in an attractive way to the company’s staff.
  • Consider the different fundraising methods corporates could use to support your organisation.
  • Gain an understanding of what corporates expect in return for their supporting.
  • Develop and strengthen your organisation’s corporate fundraising products
  • Explore the tools that will help you record and manage your corporate fundraising programme.
  • Reflect on the requirements of companies wishing to volunteer at your organisation.

The Full-Day Course will be a friendly environment in which attendees will be encouraged to ask questions, engage in discussions, and think about what they are trying to achieve through corporate fundraising.

The Full-Day Corporate Fundraising Course is appropriate for attendees with all levels of Corporate Fundraising experience. This course will benefit people who are completely new to fundraising as well as experienced fundraisers who are looking to refresh their skills and knowledge.

Further information can be found on our website here.

About the Trainer

Fidelis Navas has 16 years’ experience working within the charity sector. Her career spans a wealth of disciplines, including Event Manager for a national volunteering organisation, Lead Corporate Fundraiser for a regional health charity where she increased income from £100k to £700k, before moving to a national utility company to lead on their responsible business programme.  In 2018, she founded Third Sector recruitment consultancy agency Gamma Talent. As a volunteer, she is Co-Chair of ThriveBrum, the volunteer-led network promoting responsible business in Birmingham and a Trustee of Beyond the Horizon Charity, a Birmingham-based charity supporting children and young people with complex loss and bereavement.

About Get Grants

Get Grants are the funding experts.  We provide practical support, advice and information to fundraisers. Our team has over 20 years working in both fundraising and grant giving. Uniquely, we share insights into how decisions are made by funders with an understanding of the challenges faced by fundraisers. Based in the West Midlands, Get Grants provides a range of consultancy services for both fundraising and grant-giving organisations all over the UK.