Charity Masterclass: Organisational Change

Organisational Change for Charities

Start with what you have: unlocking potential from existing resources.

Many leaders are looking for more productivity, and they’re doing it in a world of uncertainty. It’s easy to feel caught in a dilemma. Should they cut resources and somehow “do more with less?” Or should they add resources, investing in new in plans, tools and systems in the hope of a greater impact? Deep down leaders may suspect neither adding nor cutting will deliver. They think: “If we cut, will we lose key knowledge and relationships? Will we just overload the people who remain, damaging quality and customer experience? Will we end up actually incurring new, unintended, costs? On the other hand, if we add, it’s risky! What if it doesn’t work fast enough, or doesn’t work at all?” 

In his consulting work, Andy has found it better for leaders to sidestep the add-cut dilemma entirely and instead start from somewhere else. The new starting point says: “Let’s not add or cut at all, at least not yet. Instead let’s ask: ‘What can we do to release further potential in the resources—services, products, relationships, people, know-how—that we have already?’”

 By enthusiastically exploring that question, many organizations could tap into a neglected source of productivity, and respond more confidently in uncertain times.

 Andy will share a range of examples, and there will be a chance to discuss the ideas with other attendees.