Birmingham Design Hop follow-up, in association with Net Squared Midlands

This is a follow-on session from the Birmingham Design Hop held by CAST on Feb 6th, but it is also open to all members of Net Squared Midlands and others interested in finding out more.

Reflection and sharing session
This is an opportunity for everyone to share and discuss the digital activity they’ve been working on since the Birmingham Design Hop on Feb 6th, any key learnings, and any barriers they’ve encountered. Don’t worry if you feel you haven’t made much progress yet, we’re here to help.

User research training
Learn some of our top tactics for user research. We’ll take you through a practical exercise to write and test an unbiased, non-leading set of questions that form your user interview script. Then you’ll be ready to roll with it!

Peer networking
Catch up with other attendees, the CAST team and our local partners, RnR Organisation We’re all in this together, and we can all learn from each other.