The Windrush National Organisation (WNO) invite you to participate at the 2nd Windrush International Conference in Birmingham, to discuss the progress made of those impacted by the Windrush scandal.

There is still a long road ahead to secure justice for the Windrush generation and we

take this opportunity to strategically move towards unity on this agenda to ensure;

that the lives of those affected are placed back on track.

It is crucial that dialogue and strategic action be taken to safeguard against the Government’s Windrush scandal ever happening again.

We have invited The Home Office, Campaigners, Survivors, Civic Leaders, Commonwealth Commissioners, Lawyers, Academics, Social Commentators, Trade Unions and Historians to participate.

This Conference will seek to ‘Rekindle the spirit of the Windrush Generation’.

Our Thematic workshops will be:

1. Status & Compensation

2. Housing

3. Wealth Retention & Financial Management

4. Cultural Health & Social Care

5. Black Workers Rights

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