Understanding Trauma

25 Apr 2017 - 10:00 to 16:30
St Lukes Church Centre Great Colmore Street Lee Bank Birmingham B7 4BB


It is becoming increasingly accepted that traumatic experience is at the root of the vast majority of mental health problems. 'Trauma informed practice' is considered essential for all professionals working with young people, adults and families.

So what is a trauma informed approach and how do we begin to offer it to the people we are working with?

Our course will cover:

What is trauma?
Reactions and responses to trauma
What happens to the brain?
A 3 stage approach to healing
Vicarious trauma and keeping ourselves safe

There will be creative and interactive training methods used and active participation is encouraged!

Trainer: Jo Watson


Online booking form at: http://ow.ly/NBAd3083oMC


£69.95 (plus VAT)