A training day and individual mentoring session to help managers in the charity sector lead teams successfully. The three topics addressed in an interactive way are: Chairing meetings, Developing your influencing skills, Managing Change. The training day takes place on Wednesday 21st September in a central Birmingham location. The trainer is Rob Legge an experienced leadership trainer specialising in working with the charity sector.

The three essentials to lead a team successfully

One day training course and individual mentoring session

Wednesday 21st September at a central Birmingham venue.

Fee £225.00 (including individual mentoring session)

A new interactive training day to help managers in the charity sector to successfully lead their teams. Leading people can be stressful. The three topics addressed in the course are the essential to get right if you are going to achieve the results you want.

Chairing staff meetings.

So often staff find them boring and demotivating and managers find them hard work. There is another way where staff enjoy the meetings and they are considered useful and effective for all attending.

Developing your influencing skills

Exploring ways in which you can develop your influence within and outside your organisation.

Managing change

Change is constant and is a key process for leaders. In so many instances it can be difficult, create stress and fail. A simple seven step process will be shared that dramatically increases a manager's success in making changes stick. We will also look at practical tips and tools to examine how to assess if the time is right to make change and what you can do to increase the chances of making it a success.

The day will be full of tips, discussion and shared experience.

Successful chairing of team meetings and group discussions includes:

How to set agendas that produce results

The different roles in meetings

Ideas to improve briefings to staff

How to engage staff

Your role as Chair

When to delegate the role

Dealing with difficult situations in meetings

Good follow up to meetings

Increasing your influence at work

Six universal ways in increase your influence at work

How to communicate to increase your influence

Understanding the circles of influence, control and concern in your professional life

Managing change successfully

Eight steps to manage change

An easy practical model to plan change

Tips and tactics to make change happen and stick

The experienced leadership trainer

The trainer is Rob Legge, a very experienced leader of national and local charities. For the last eight years he has been an independent leadership trainer and brings his knowledge, experience and humour into this important topic. Rob is the leading management trainer used by Birmingham Voluntary Sector Council.

For more info Email: [email protected]