A new interactive training day to help managers in the charity sector to successfully lead their teams. The three topics addressed are: Managing change, Staff motivation, Leading team meetings.

The essentials of leading a team full training day includes:

Staff motivation
Motivation of teams and individuals is at the heart of good leadership. We take time to examine what causes demotivation and what we can do about it . We then look at the simple key steps any leader can take to create a motivated team and how they can reinforce this to get great results.

Managing change
Change is constant and is a key process for leaders to manage. In so many instances it can be difficult, create stress and fail. A simple seven step process will be shared that dramatically increases a manager's success in making change stick. We will also look at practical tips and tools to create an constructive environment for change.

Leading team meetings.
So often staff find them boring and not relevant. Managers can find them stressful and time consuming. There is another way where staff enjoy and engage and they are considered productive and useful by all participants.

The trainer is Rob Legge an independent trainer and coach for charities. He has provided leadership training for over 300 local charity managers over the last five years. Prior to this he was a senior manager with Sense, RNIB and Oxfam as well as being the CEO of Focus Birmingham for ten years. He brings all his experience (successes and failures) into a participative learning day that improves skills and confidence on the participants.

He also provides chocolate.

To register for this course, please email [email protected].