“Our capacity is at breaking point”
“Staff are suffering serious burn-out”
“We can’t get enough volunteers”
“We can’t afford subsistence for volunteers - they didn’t ask for it before” 
These are some of the phrases that we heard at our Cost of Living Event, back in November. The challenges faced by staff teams following Covid-19 lockdowns, and subsequent increased demand are taking their toll on the VCFSE sector’s workforce. Organisations are having to consider how to make limited resources go further. People aren’t returning to volunteering, and staff are facing an unprecedented level of need from individuals and communities. Staff resilience is impacted, and levels of work related stress are on the rise. From recent research and consultation conducted by BVSC we know that organisations are facing significant challenges relating to burnout and fatigue, and a sense of ‘perma-crisis’ across the workforce.
*** There is an opportunity for BVSC to be able to support the sector and there are some funds available for this support to be resourced. We want to understand how best to do this, and so are holding an event to find out from you how we might be able to do this. ***
BVSC Research are holding an event at the Signing Tree Venue, near Five Ways on Monday 13th February. It will start at 10am and finish at 3pm, and will include lunch.
The event will: 
  • Give you an opportunity to discuss the current issues and challenges being faced, as they relate to your workforce, in a safe and supportive environment
  • Explore examples of  ‘good practice’ around ways in which these challenges are being addressed by organisations in the sector
  • Provide the opportunity to work with people from other organisations to think about possible ways that we, as a sector, can respond to these challenges
From the event, we will produce a State of the Sector Insight Report and a set of next steps recommendations. We will also make recommendations to BVSC on how funds could be spent to support Birmingham’s VCFSE workforce.
We would like to invite you to register for the event.
Please register at the link below:
The day will be based on principles of co-production, and interactive workshop discussions, therefore, when registering for the event, you’ll be asked to commit to attending for the full day.
Places will be limited, so please register early – places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. We will create a waiting list, so would ask that if your circumstances change that you let us know by emailing me.