In this talk, you will learn essential skills to manage the stresses in your life and build your inner resilience. You will learn some powerful Buddhist meditations that will help you to deal with the difficulties and challenges that life presents.

Do you have stress and tension in your life? Does this become overwhelming and make your life hard to cope with?

Meditation is an extremely effective tool for managing stress and providing ways to gain some inner peace and reboot yourself mentally. Tapping into Buddhist meditations you can discover many meditation techniques to help you build your inner resilience and increase your capacity to react well in challenging situations without the usual stress and negativity.

In this course, Gen Lekma will explain and guide a powerful sequence of meditations that will help to give you tools to deal with the difficulties and challenges that life presents. This will help you to face your life with more confidence, resilience and inner strength.

You will learn:

How to feel less stressed when things go wrong
Meditations that protect you from negative reactions
Ways to increase your confidence, resilience and sense of calm
The course is great for beginners and those with experience.

Everybody is welcome.

Tuesday 27th June 7-8.15pm

Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham. 44 Blucher Street, Birmingham. B1 1QJ