Do you have Arthritis? Would you like help to manage your condition better? This is a great opportunity to learn more about living with arthritis and managing your condition alongside your medical care. “This course has been a lifeline. It gives me something to focus on and Iook forward to”. Versus Arthritis programme attendee.

We know how much strength it takes to live with arthritis and chronic pain. Our FREE 5 WEEK self-management
programme is designed to support you to manage your condition better. It’s a combination of ‘do-it-yourself’ and ‘all the help you want and need from others’. We give you the tools to feel inspired and take back some control to push against your condition.

We cover the following topics:
~ Better communication - talking to your doctor, work or family about your condition
~ Getting physical - how does exercise help when your in so much pain
~ Eating Well - a look at how a good diet can help support your condition
~ Understanding my pain - what I need to now about pain and my condition.

This is a non medical programme but the information we use is gathered from GP's consultants physiotherapists and Nutritionists. There is also a pack of goodies to support attendees on this programme.