Learning Objectives
-Understand the principles of authentic leadership and how to apply them in managerial roles, fostering a genuine connection with your team.
-Develop strategic thinking skills to move beyond reactive line management and proactively address challenges and opportunities.
-Identify and leverage the inherent motivators of your team members to enhance engagement and productivity.
-Understand how to manage diverse teams comprising different generations, adapting leadership approaches to suit varied preferences and work styles.
-Acquire practical techniques for managing upwards, effectively communicating with senior leadership, and fostering collaboration.

Who is this training for?
-This training is specifically curated for individuals who:
-Have direct line management responsibility
- Have recently been promoted or would like to refresh their management skills.
-Are eager to develop their leadership skills and grow in their careers
-Seek to build confidence and competence in leading teams effectively

Why Attend?
-Gain practical skills and strategies to enhance your managerial effectiveness.
-Foster a culture of strategic thinking and proactive leadership within your team.
-Cultivate self-awareness and confidence in your unique leadership style.
-Access valuable insights and practical tools to navigate diverse team dynamics and managerial challenges effectively.
Participate in group discussions to exchange experiences and insights, promoting peer learning.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.