This group coaching session will help you become more socially confident and beat imposter mindset unlocking success.

This is a CPD Accredited Group Coaching Session and a CPD Certificate will be issued on completion of the session.

When you are lacking social confidence, it can be increasingly common for people to experience feelings of self-doubt, knocking personal resilience, and leading to over-thinking and derailing confidence. Factors such as the pandemic, unemployment, redundancy, struggling to find meaningful work, the feeling of not being in control of your life, changes at a personal, professional, and business level, changes in relations and the exacerbated pressure bought on by the cost of living, social economic uncertainty has heightened a dip in negativity, unproductivity, confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and mental health. For some, it has created a considerable dip in their social confidence.

This group coaching session is about helping you to build your self-confidence and self-esteem for self-success, growth, enhancing your social confidence. You will be much happier at work, in your interactions with others, have more social confidence, therefore happier at a personal and professional level.

I will help you to tap into those uncomfortable areas, empowering you to transform any negative beliefs so that you can improve your confidence to move forward and find success in all aspects of your life. I will evoke awareness in you to facilitate your growth and help you over come self-defeating and self- limiting beliefs.
Together we will design a strategy and develop your confidence to pave the way, to achieving your personal and professional goals.

This group coaching session is about learning how to transform negative belief's so that you can improve your confidence and overcome self - defeating/limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

This is a practical session working through transformative exercises and tools and their application to see how lack of confidence and low emotional resilience can have a negative impact and how you can repair this.

Refreshments will be provided.
Paid parking is available (attendees are responsible for paying parking fees)

This coaching group session will be delivered by Samina Arshad.

Samina is an experienced Professional Coach, who has been coaching since 2018. I am, certified by the Coaching Academy, Europe’s largest coach training provider. I successfully completed their Protégé programme. I am passionate about personal growth and lifelong learning. I embarked on the coach training journey after finding myself at cross-roads in life in 2011, where I was facing changes and uncertainties in my life at a personal and professional level where I found my passion the ‘calling’ within me for developing people.

•A transformational coach with experience collaborating with entrepreneurs, business start-ups, senior executives, and personal transformational change. I can individuals put the building blocks in place for success at a personal and professional level and various aspects of their life.

•I have lived experience of change, recovery, and transformation, so whether you want to unleash your leadership, or upskill or improve interpersonal skills through cultivating a growth mindset, be more effective in your performance, get your life or business back on track, ramp up your motivation, and resilience or build confidence to start moving forward through I can support. Through my coaching style I like to evoke awareness in my clients and facilitate their growth. My coaching practice is diverse and inclusion, I have experience of working with a broad range of clients. Testimonials – Enigma (

•I am an Accredited DISC Practitioner and NLP Practitioner, and my coaching programmes are transformational, this means working at the deeper surface level to unlock the change and create resources and empowered states, helping my client to get congruent with the desired transition of change.

•I specialise in areas of Business, Leadership, Team Growth and Confidence.

•Many people have found me on the life coach directory, and they said that the qualities that they admired about me are that I am transformational, authentic, the fact that I have journeyed, my unique story and tenacity.

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