Free training sessions for all professionals, volunteers & community leaders on raising awareness of vaccinations, sponsored and in partnership with Birmingham City Council. There are multiple dates available 

Suitable for all Birmingham professionals, local organisations, volunteer members, community members and leaders. Anyone who is working out in the community.

Due to the Pandemic many people have missed out on their or their child/ren’s routine vaccinations or boosters. Vaccinations are vital health prevention methods that protect against life threatening diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, polio, whooping cough, MMR, shingles, or flu, etc. Vaccinations protect and save lives.

In response to this important health concern Birmingham City Council is sponsoring and supporting the implementation of the Vacc-Immune project across. The main aims of this project are to increase up take in routine vaccinations / boosters and regain trust in these incredibly important health protecting programmes. By increasing awareness of the different types of vaccinations available, dispelling myths and breaking down stigma.

We are calling for all professionals, volunteers, community leaders, etc, not just those who may work / volunteer in health but anyone who supports communities in Birmingham to attend this training. It will help to increase knowledge or refresh knowledge around the importance of vaccinations and having those conversations with others to support them to look after their health, the health of their families, friends, and communities.

The training is free, resources, information and support will be provided for anyone who attends.

The training is being run by YPEC CIC who specialise in health promotion, engagement, training and supporting positive health behaviours.