EDA is organising a community event in the Easter Holidays on 3rd April 2023 for young people with lived experience of autism/mental illness in the West Midlands.

We are inviting policymakers to listen to young speakers talk about what needs to change in society and policy to improve autistic young people's support systems.

The policymakers in the youth mental health and autism space, will be keynote listeners, hearing what young people have to say about changes that need to be made in the system that supports young people of this demographic.

In the session with policymakers, we hope to have young people with lived experience, share their journey with emotion dysregulation in autism, and be keynote speakers.

We will hold workshops on Emotion Regulation Skills in addition to this. There is a TRIGGER WARNING as difficults topics may be discussed. Support workers are welcome, please do reflect this in the booking.

This is funded by Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth games.