Effective communication skills are part of the toolbox of skills needed by community development workers.

Delivered online over 2 half day sessions. This training course will help develop your communication skills and ensure you understand others when they communicate, whilst getting your own message across clearly and in a way that fosters positive relationships. You’ll learn what it takes to be a successful communicator and how best to communicate confidently with people at all levels.

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• Communicate clearly and get their message across

• Encourage others to open up and speak freely with them

• Communicate confidently with people at all levels

• Cope with difficult communication situations

Participants taking this course will be better able to:

• Work with others and share their ideas and thoughts in a positive way.

• Improve situations where there may be barriers to communication.

• Proactively discuss issues and work with others

• Become more aware of the way they communicate and so reduce conflict.

• Get their message across while listening to others.

• Provide clear outcomes to discussions and reduce the chance of miscommunication.

This training is aimed at anyone working in community development in Birmingham, those who ‘work with’ people so they can take collective action to make changes to things that are important to them and their communities. You may be in, or manage, paid or volunteering roles called; Community/ Enabler, Connector, Helper, Builder, Guide, Networker, Liaison or Development Worker etc. This training is part of the broader programme of the new Community Development Practice Hub, which aims to connect, inspire and upskill community development practitioners across the city.