Do you live, work or provide services in the Lozells and Newtown areas?

Are you concerned about levels of youth violent crime in the two areas?

Do you want to contribute to reducing youth violence in the Lozells and Newtown area?

Earlier in the summer we informed you of a partnership between BVSC, University of Birmingham and University of Wolverhampton leading a piece of work funded by the Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) to reduce youth violence in the Lozells and Newtown area.

Birmingham is one of five pilot areas nationally for the Youth Endowment Fund’s Neighbourhood Fund Programme. The aim of the programme is to test different models and approaches to community engagement, and to better understand how it can support improved outcomes for children at risk of becoming involved in violence. Ultimately the programme is seeking to secure investment from YEF that will support an action plan to reduce youth violent crime. Read further to hear how this programme is developing and how you can contribute to securing investment in the Lozells and Newtown areas.

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The “Lozells and Newtown: A Vision for Youth Violent Crime Reduction” event will be held on Monday 10th October and Saturday 15th October 2022. You will have the opportunity to attend, either on the Monday 5.00 – 9.00pm or the Saturday 9.30am – 1.00pm, a co-design workshop.  The  co-design event is not about consultation on already decided actions. The workshop will enable local people, local service providers and those with lived experience of youth violent crime, the opportunity to shape and determine actions and activities from the onset, to make a difference and reduce youth violent crime in the areas. By attending you will be able to:


  • Hear the findings from the Discovery Report contributed to by trained Community Researchers from the Lozells and Newtown areas.
  • Engage in a process of identifying tangible actions to address the issues.
  • Develop an action plan that will be costed, identify timeframes and assets to support implementation.
  • Contribute to a process to bring £1milliion of YEF Neighbourhood Fund investment to address youth violent crime in Lozells and Newtown.
  • Contribute to a process to lever additional funding beyond YEF’s investment to address youth violent crime and its root causes.


The Co-design workshops follow on from a successful and informative event at Aston Villa in June where the focus was on the role of business and employers in supporting the reduction of youth violent crime. The co-design workshops will be more extensive and is seeking the involvement of:

  • Local Lozells and Newtown residents wanting a voice who have no specific affiliation to a service or organisation.
  • Local young people concerned about violence in the areas.
  • Parents and carers of young people from the area seeking change, greater accountability, greater safety and wellbeing for the two areas.
  • Those with lived experience of youth violent crime in the areas of Lozells and Newtown.
  • Faith Groups.
  • Senior management representatives from local schools.
  • Family support services.
  • Health service representatives.
  • Housing representatives.
  • Local police representation.
  • Youth services representatives.
  • Businesses, employers, and entrepreneurs located in and around the Lozells and Newtown area.
  • Businesses, employers and entrepreneurs outside of the Lozells and Newtown area but doing similar youth violence deterrent activities in other areas.
  • Business seeking to implement CSR objectives.
  • Officers working on the legacy impact of the Commonwealth Games
  • Local Community and Voluntary Organisations working with employers to support young people at risk of criminal activity and associated violent behaviour.
  • Criminal justice workers.
  • Community Safety Partnership representatives
  • Violence Reduction Partnership Officers
  • Office of Police Crime Commissioners (OPCC) officers
  • Local providers of employment and skills services.
  • Employment and skills officers from GBS LEP, WMCA and local colleges.
  • Local Jobcentre Plus officers.

To book a place on one of the dates offered for the YEF Co-design Workshop, please register below:

There will be follow workshops later in November to inform stakeholders of progress towards the final action plan to be submitted to YEF.  You will be informed of the dates of these workshops nearer the event.

Should you need to talk further about the co-design workshops please contact Ray Walker (Email: [email protected] 07584355498).

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