Are you looking for ways to give back to your communities? Are you interested in becoming ….?

  • A School Governor
  • A charity leader/trustee
  • Magistrate
  • And many other exciting leadership opportunities

You probably already have what it takes to be a great Community Leader – use your unique skills and lived experience to make a positive difference to your community.

What is a Community Leader?

'Community leadership refers to the act of citizens volunteering their knowledge, lived experience and skills to make a positive difference and improve their community.'

Community Leadership roles, such as school governors, can be an incredibly rewarding way to give back to your local community as well as offer an opportunity for professional development. By helping serve your community and its vital institutions you can help yourself grow as an individual and as a leader.

At the WMCA’s future community leaders’ opportunities fair you’ll have the chance to learn more about some fantastic community leadership roles in your region. Being a community leader is more accessible than you may think, most roles do not require any formal qualifications or professional experience! There are plenty of opportunities that can fit around work or personal commitments.

  • Find more about voluntary roles near you and where to get support
  • Learn what it takes to be a Community Leader
  • Learn about the importance of diversity within Community Leadership

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