This is an opportunity for anyone involved in community development across Birmingham to get together to share practice, work through challenges and build the relationships that enable us to get the job done when the system just isn’t enough. We’ll be meeting on Zoom for 90 minutes once a month for 6 months. The sessions will be practical workshops; sharing our stories of what’s good that we want to build on, getting to know one another’s gifts and skills, finding out what matters to us, and taking practical action to support one another to make it happen. If you need a place to think aloud, to get to know ‘someone who can…’ or you just want to be part of supporting community development across Birmingham this is the place for you.

Who: Anyone involved in community development across Birmingham.
Where: Zoom
When: Wednesdays, 13:00-14:30
Dates: 6th October, 17th November, 15th December ‘21 and 12th January, 9th February ‘22, 9th March '22*

*We ask you commit to all 6 sessions. (which are £49 inclusive)