This group is a form of peer support where those working with volunteers share ideas and best practice, provide bits of informal training and be available to answer one another’s questions and concerns.

Dates for 2023:

Tuesday 21st February 2023 – 11am – 12.30pm – Face to Face (optional lunch after).
Thurs - 18th May 2023 – online via Zoom at 1pm – 2.30pm.
Tuesday 15th August 2023 – 11am – 12.30pm – Face to face (optional lunch after).
Monday 6th Nov 2023 – 1pm – 2.30pm – online on Zoom

The face-to-face meetings are at Forward Carers, TouchBase Pears, 750 Bristol Rd, Birmingham B29 6NA

Please contact Rosalyn at [email protected] to join the network and be updated about events.