Many people who have a smell or taste disorder feel isolated. Fifth Sense and volunteers are holding an in-person meet up in Birmingham for people living with a smell or taste disorder. A chance to meet others and share your story and find out important information.

Are you living with a smell or taste disorder? You're not alone. Join our supportive community to share experiences and find others who understand what you're going through.

This is the first of what we hope will be many Fifth Sense Birmingham Smell and Taste Disorder meet ups. At these meet ups you can expect:

Supportive Environment: Share your journey and listen to others in a safe, understanding space.
Resources and Tips: Discover practical advice for managing daily challenges.
Social Connection: Build friendships and connect with people who truly get it.
We ask that you book a ticket for each person attending.

*Please do not wear strong perfumes and if bringing refreshments like coffee that they are in a lidded cup as there will be people with parosmia (distorted smell).

We recommend signing up as a member to Fifth Sense to receive more information about smell and taste disorders. 

Thank you to St Phillip's Chambers for the use of their premises for this meet up.