If any of these sound like you, this workshop could be just what you need:

• I feel I should be in more control of my life.
• I want to do more, I just don’t know what that is.
• How to I get healthy before I get ‘old’?
• I still haven’t made a will yet.
• Who will look after me if I need it?
• Can I ever afford to retire?
• What will I do with all my stuff?

Join us for the opportunity to think about you. What you want, what you have, who you are close to and what is important to you.

This workshop will kick off your planning journey, which can be continued through the other workshops in this series:

Planning your Fab Later Life - Tuesday 12th March
Fitting Fitness Into Your Life - Tuesday 2nd April
Finances for Later Life - Tuesday 23rd April
A Place To Call Home in Later Life - Tuesday 7th May
Your Fab Funeral - Planning the End of Your Life - Tuesday 4th June

We’ll provide you with all of the materials you need, plus tea, coffee and biscuits.

For more details, and to book, contact Maria Hughes: [email protected] or 0121 643 0821.

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