Introducing Elevated Minds -  We are a social enterprise that was founded in Southwark, London in 2019. The cofounders realised that the professional coaching they were completing with CEO's and entrepreneurs was helping their clients to gain even more success in business, relationships and life.  They asked themselves the question, what if we applied a coaching approach to working with young people and helped shift their mindset?

Elevated Minds was born where we combined our educational background with experience in coaching and we started working with young people at risk of exclusion not only from education but society as well. We understood that children who were excluded from school and/or society then went on to be more at risk of criminal activity and therefore committed to preventative work with our young people. As our work progressed we started to see patterns between relationships that these young people had with their families, their schools and the Met police and noticed that a break down in any one of these relationships also contributed to potential of committing crime.

Elevated Minds has worked with the Met Police to improve community relationships and supported our young people with raising their aspirations through our uniquely positioned Aspirations project. Our young people have also trained Met staff in cultural awareness and stop and search. We have continued to help young people develop their emotional resilience through various projects, workshops and 1:1 coaching as well as developing parents and teachers through our training.

We are now also Birmingham based and located in Handsworth at the Oaklands Centre where our priority is to replicate the phenomenal work we have done in London and continue working with young people, their families and the community. Our team in Birmingham, myself included, are originally from and still reside within the local area and are aware of some of the unique issues that Birmingham faces.
If you feel that our services align with the work that you do, then please feel free to email myself Si Campbell at [email protected]