We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who can commit to going into a local primary school and support children to grow and love of reading!

The role of a reading helper places you in the heart of primary school life. You’ll be leading
reading sessions that bring a positive reading experience to children outside of the classroom.
Children will benefit from someone giving them one-to-one attention, showing them how much
fun reading can be and the purpose reading has in their lives.
You will build a positive learning relationship with individual children aged 4-11, maintaining a
regular weekly commitment. This consistency will build confidence, improve their engagement
with reading and allow their reading skills to rocket!
How it works
You will need to:
• Attend school weekly in the afternoon session(s) during which you’ll see the same children
each week
• Independently lead your sessions; you’ll have access to our brilliant books, online portal and
will quickly get into the swing of what works well for each child
• Liaise with school staff and our team as required