Cook and Grow Together CIC is passionate about health outcomes for young people and families.

We also get excited about food and where it comes from!  We want to enable young people to grow and cook their own food whilst reconnecting with the natural world. Our programmes develop confidence and self-esteem, improve family relationships and support health and wellbeing in children and adults.  Our outcomes are delivered via well developed horticulture and cooking skills education by highly trained, experienced practitioners.

We are looking to develop new long-lasting partnerships with Birmingham based community organisations or charities working with families.  We’d love to speak to you and explore how our services can complement one another.

We would ideally need access to a kitchen and a garden or small piece of land in which to develop a growing patch.  However, if you haven’t access to these facilities, we are still interested in exploring partnerships!

We offer enthusiastic, professional, trained staff, cooking and growing equipment, as well as teaching resources.  Our vetted staff have the skills, experience, and flexibility to engage your community and support your organisation to deliver your objectives.

Please Email us at [email protected] or on our Facebook page: Cook and Grow Together CIC | Facebook