Volunteer Befriender

0121 788 1087

Entraide is a Solihull based charity that provides support to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants and helps them rebuild their lives and fully integrate into society.

Role: Volunteers befrienders are matched to an asylum seeker or refugee family/individual. The aim of the volunteer is to support the person they are matched with to:

  • Familiarise themselves with the local area,
  • Help them integrate into the local community,
  • Gain access to additional support services 
  • Help alleviate the emotional stress caused by past trauma and the present asylum process. 

Time Commitment:  

Volunteers must be able to spare a couple of hours every fortnight on a flexible basis.  Volunteers must be able to commit to the role for a minimum of six months, attend regular supervision sessions and attend mandatory training.


Our befrienders are based in Birmingham or Solihull.  Volunteers visit the clients in their own home or arrange a meeting in the community, so you must be prepared to travel some distance either by walking, car or public transport. 

Click here for further information on volunteering opportunities at Entraide.  If you would like more information or an application form please email on the address below.